Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What we eat has some effects on vaginal health

Did you know that at least 75% of women spend at least one such infection in their lives? Approximately the same percentage for bacterial cases. No matter how strange sound, there are certain foods that create a healthy environment in the area of ​​female genital organs and enable a 'function' properly.

But, remember that sometimes, almost every time, what is in your plate is the key to good health.
The genital mutilation has a natural acid pH, which keeps away the infections that everything be okay.
This is a list of foods that have a positive impact on your health Genital:
Cranberry juice
This juice is filled with acidic components, which help fight bad bacteria also helps in cases of urinary tract infections. Remember to drink a liquid such non bio and add the sugar as can be sold at market.
Yogurt contains the same bacteria 'good' that your vagina needs to maintain a healthy pH level. Ask for healthy yogurt with active live cultures.
Garlic is known for its qualities as well as antibacterial antirrhinum. Eat it raw is best, but you can consume in the form of capsules. You can even put directly in the genital area in the case of infections.
Dark chocolate
Yes, chocolate! Refer to those with high cocoa content, the more the better black. Studies show that women who consume at least one piece of such a day, have a better sexual health.
key life course would be in this list. Vaginal mucous membranes require large amounts of water. For good health, you should hydrate. 'Listen' to your body, there is a magic number than the water you need to drink a day. You want a urine had almost no color, no odor. Water helps in lubrication of the vaginal area and helps in removing odors.
Fresh fruits and vegetables
you want less menstrual pain, better skin, easier orgasm? Keep a diet containing a variate nutrition vitamins and minerals. Greenery should be consumed in abundance. They influence the circulation and prevent vaginal dryness. Avocados are another stimulant that goal. Rich in B6 and potassium they contribute to the health of the vaginal walls.
Seeds and dried
Vitamin E helps prevent dehydration of the area, can be found in most of the seeds or dried, as well as in the oil derived from them, writes Annabel.Almonds or pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, essential mineral that regulates the menstrual cycle and helps combat dehydration and irritation.

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