Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In my bedroom do only two things

Mind bedroom connects only two activities: sleep and sex.

According to a recent study published in the "Journal of Sleep Research", bedroom has lost its true meaning and slowly turns into a working office.Use of mobile phones, PCs or tablets has changed the whole rhythm of the people.
Researchers insist and argue strongly that the bedroom should only be used for two things: sleep and sex.
Use of PCs or mobile in the bedroom changing all sleeping and generally, people who use media often active as phones and computers in the bedroom, usually sleep late at night and rise late in the morning.
However, this condition, say studies, leading to a lack of sleep during weekdays, jade Furthermore, and most importantly, impairs the ability to learn.
Stale PALLESEN, professor leader of the study, says that the use of mobile phones or PCs should be avoided at all costs: "I think that the bedroom should be reserved only for two things: sleep and sexual activity", - PALLESEN says.
Researchers also found that watching television or listening to music does not have negative effects on sleep habits.
The best way to improve sleep is that you're much more active during the day writes class magazine. Also, blackout windows helps, because a dark room affects to increase the level of melatonin that evoke sleep. 

Fools do better? Myths and truths about sex

A women can ejaculate like men? Can explode men's testis? Is there a "vagina with teeth"?

Bild test some of the most bizarre sexual myths and brings a response if they are true or not.
"Vagina Ixeris"
The myth of the vagina with teeth is at least by anatomical an eyewash.However, "The Vagina Ixeris" exists in ancient Indian stories. According to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, "p ... with teeth" actually symbolizes the castration fear of men.
"Squirting", women who shed
"Squirting" was made ​​famous in porn movies. However, in most of them are fake scenes. Female actresses fill the abdomen with water to shed later.But actually there are women who shed. A study says that a third of them do so. Finally, a study says that it is simply hunger.
Vibrator by prescription?
It seems strange, but it's true. American author Mary Roach writes that women in the US were recommended with a vibrator special recipe to combat the lack of sexual desire. "Eros Clitoral Therapy Device" is a sex toy medical stamp.
"Fools f..ck better"
There is a perception that those who have a low intelligence quotient, do better. But it is not true. However, people who have more stress and commitments more difficult to fully engage in the sexual act.
Orgasm causes headaches
is precisely the moment when you have to experience the most beautiful thing in the world when the break headache. Men suffer three times more than women from this pain. The attack occurs during or just before orgasm.Reason: during sex increases blood pressure and carbon dioxide in the body. The arteries in the brain do not face this situation. Tip: Avoid quick sex sessions and receive a sedative before you do it.
Bald makes potent
Sorry gentlemen, but this is an excuse for hair loss. It is true that bald have more testosterone in the blood. But this does not mean that they are sexually potent. Testosterone is the hormone most famous sex, but not the only, nor kingmaker.
'Cola Light' protects women from pregnancy
There are some women who Cola rinse the vagina before and after sex, thinking it serves as contraception. Unfortunately it is not true.
Testicles can explode
There are some men who think that if you do not have sex or masturbate, would he burst testis's. Yes joke? Although they produce sperm continuously, it unless the stream, dissolved, writes Mapo. Remember wet dreams.
Does peers serves as a stimulant in sex?
It depends. If the clitoris, can stimulate it. If it is on the lips of the vagina, has no effect. Peersing the penis stimulates the male, the female. And peers intimate areas recover faster than those in other body sites. 

Some surprising reasons why should drink coffee and even in large quantities

There are many reasons why you should not drink coffee, but this drink black, which people around the world prepare to win new work has a positive effect on our health.

You've heard a lot of advice on how coffee is bad for health and should be avoided, but if you are in doubt whether to start the day with or to stay alert during the exam, do not despair, because scientists claim that coffee black hides incredible positive effects.
Although caffeine can promote anxiety and insomnia, coffee is packed with strong antioxidants that act on people's health better than fruits and vegetables. But scientists from the American University "By" say how coffee should be drunk organically cultivated which is not treated with various chemicals that can cancel all its benefits.
If you start the day with coffee or coffee house that is cultivated organically has what you expect:
Coffee reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes - the more coffee you drink you have less chance of being affected by diabetes. For example, UCLA University study showed that postmenopausal women who drank at least four cups of coffee a day were nearly 50 percent less likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes than people who do not enjoy that at all black drink, Koha.net broadcasts. In fact, each additional cup of coffee in order to add reduces the chance of developing diabetes, at least so say Australian scientists.
How does: scientists believe that coffee consumption increases the concentration of specific proteins in the blood, which protects from diabetes, respectively, increases the body's tolerance to glucose so that accelerates metabolism.
Coffee can renew cells affected by cancer - A long been considered that coffee causes cancer, but new research has shown that it can protect the body from some form of carcinoma, probably by promoting regeneration of DNA. For example, two separate studies conducted at Harvard University in 2011 showed that women who drink several cups of coffee a day have less risk of endometrial cancer, while six cups of coffee a day reduces to 60 percent chance that men acquire prostate cancer.
How does: scientists believe that compounds from coffee prevent inflamtore processes in the body, and in particular antioxidant methylpyridine which can only be found in coffee because created during baking or roasting the beans.
Coffee reduces the risk of dementia - Although scientists have not entirely clear how Alzheimer's disease brain changes are confident that coffee reduces the risk of memory loss. Scandinavian scientists research has shown that people who drink three to five cups of coffee a day were 65 percent less chance to be affected by dementia than people who drank two days or less cups of coffee.
How does: Scientists believe that antioxidants from coffee play an important role for preventing blockage of blood vessels, which are one of the main causes of memory loss. Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, which is also the cause of dementia, and reduced cholesterol that has significant negative impact on cognitive functions.
Coffee protects men from Parkinson's disease - In reviewing the results of 26 different studies scientists have concluded that men who drank two to three cups of coffee a day were 25 percent less risk of Parkinson's disease than men who abstain from drink black, transmits Koha.net. Unfortunately coffee has no beneficial effect on women.
How does: scientists are not sure of how coffee protects men from Parkinson.
Coffee reduces depression - major research conducted at Harvard University 50 thousand nurses in the period of 25 years has shown that women who drink four cups of coffee were 20 percent less likely to suffer from depression than those who did not drink at all coffee. Finnish study has shown that coffee reduces the risk of male suicide.
How does: even in this case the scientists are not sure how it operates coffee, but there are theories which claim that caffeine for a short time improves mood and stimulates the body which can remove negative emotions. 

Coffee with butter, the best way to lose weight

Already massively spread a new way of coffee consumption in the US and can be regarded as peculiarly: brown butter.

It is called "bulletproof coffee" and consists of grease and brown butter being made as a thick foam with taste.
Recipe conducted by David Asprey, contains a cup of hot water, two tablespoons of half coffee bean, which resolved to ground, one tablespoon oil-based fat easily soluble (eg. Coco) and a spoon butter, not salty.
These ingredients, mix for about 20 seconds and 450-calorie drink is ready. Many of the customers of this coffee use it to replace a meal.
A study published in the "Daily Mail" shows that all this drink is a proper breakfast because of the calories involved in this cup. So you will have more energy, will burn calories, you will have no excess fat in the body and will feel full until lunchtime.
Although butter in coffee may seem an absurd method, because fat is more detrimental to heart health, researchers have proved the contrary.According to them butter is healthier than sugar, because when he is thrown into the coffee arrives to burn calories in the body of the individual.
Brown butter reduces cholesterol but also makes it easier coffee for those individuals who consume about three cups of coffee a day. 
The taste is obtained from this mixture, it is acceptable for those who drink coffee and do not lose the traditional taste of caffeine.