Friday, March 13, 2015

Coffee while driving is the best solution

Drivers who drive long and rarely drink are participating in traffic accidents, Australian scientists have discovered.

Coffee and other beverages containing caffeine improve concentration and reduce feelings of fatigue, which occurs often during long driving, follow the British Medical Journal.
Scientists have taken into account other factors, such as age, amount of sleep, mileage and time of day when driven. Drivers who drank coffee to stay alert had even 63 percent less risk of causing a traffic accident.
However, scientists point out that coffee can not replace sleep quality and provide some tips which should be followed during long driving:
• Do not ever sailed if you are tired;
• After every 2 hours take a break of at least 15 minutes;
• Avoid driving at night;
• If driving you good to sleep, find safe place to stop and rest a bit;
• Remember that the only remedy insomnia is sleep quality.
Head of research prof. Lisa Sharwood stated how "long ride can be extremely dangerous if the person did not have sleep quality and is not mentally prepared to drive."
Sharwood added that as "still are investigating what is the best way to relax a bit of driving - sleep, coffee or walk."
All drivers need to carefully plan the way, before the road should rest well and sleep to not risk your life, but the lives of other participants in traffic.

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