Friday, March 27, 2015

Eat more until 9am to loss 10 kilograms per month

Diet "great heritage hospitality" provides meal 15 minutes after the wake, which will "spark" metabolism with the right combination of protein and carbohydrates, with only a few restrictions.

Heritage hospitality is the most important meals a day because it provides the energy needed for the rest of the day, and supporter of the diet of "great heritage hospitality" Daniela Jakubowicz in mean it supports the saying "Ha heritage hospitality king, lunch like a prince and dinner like poor ".
In his book "Diet great heritage hospitality", Jakubowicz says that heritage hospitality from 600 to 850 calories before 9am will act as an ally of metabolism and will drastically boost the weakening and balance hormones and burn fatty layers, writes WebMD.
"Abundant heritage hospitality will spark metabolism but the key is to be rich heritage hospitality in protein and fiber. If you follow all the rules of the diet, in 30 days can loss weight up to 10 kilograms and also can eat ice cream, pizza and foods, which do not allow other diets ", - says Jakubowicz.
The more stringent versions of "great heritage hospitality" for breakfast consumed about 600 calories, while for lunch and dinner to 300 calories, but there are less restricted versions of the diet.
Heritage hospitality is important to eat 15 minutes after you wake up, transmit Even those who do not feel hungry in the morning after two weeks will be taught and will wake up hungry - sad Jakubowicz.
What can be eaten 
Each day begins with a rich breakfast and sharing at least half an hour to enjoy. Example of heritage hospitality which consists of scrambled eggs author emphasizes three white eggs, 50 grams of cheese, 50 grams of ham, vegetables, a muffin with cheese, corn flakes with 200 ml of milk, Smoothie with strawberries and chocolate dessert.
From day to day heritage hospitality should consist of seven portions of the protein between the two portions of which are dairy products, both in carbohydrates, both fat and a dollop of sweet dessert.
Lunch consists of three portions of protein, three portions of low-calorie vegetables, two portions of starchy vegetables and a dollop of trees.Dinner consists of three portions of protein, two portions of starchy vegetables and two portions of the tree. 

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