Friday, March 20, 2015

Here's how it reacts your vagina when you think of sex

Here is what happens to your vagina in the first thoughts about sex to achieve orgasm ...

American Congress of Obstetrician and Gynecologists has done a survey, from which it was discovered that many women really know or do not know their anatomy, reports Telegraph.
To help you understand your intimate area, if you provide comprehensive guidance. When men think about sex, experience an erection, and so what happens to women?
When "other brain" feels the action potential, expand blood vessels, increase blood circulation, which promotes vaginal secret, which is also a natural lubricant, consisting of proteins and amine acids.
When you are excited clitoris grow and swell, which can be seen hand touch. For some women the clitoris growth can be drastic and difficult urination may temporarily.
In the case of sexual arousal, the mouth of the cervix softens and if touched the penis or with any sex can cause real pleasure.
10% of women with pelvic case of contracting during sexual intercourse, releases a few drops of fluid from the urinary tract. No need to worry, this is not urine, but juice made from natural sugar and sugar fosfataza which also lies in the sperm of the male.

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