Monday, March 9, 2015

Losing weight and medicines against cancer, increase fertility in men

Two studies on increasing fertility in males were presented at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society.

The first has suggested that obese men to lose weight, are more likely to leave their partners pregnant.
The second has discovered that a drug against cancer, has helped some infertile men have children.
Experts have said that these studies provide some good alternatives to IVF and create new opportunities for real men.
Losing weight has long been suggested that women with fertility problems and obesity from previous studies is suspected as the cause of this problem in males.
A group at the University of Sherbrooke in Canada, have already launched a new study that assist men fall in weight, to see if it will increase their sperm fertility.
Of the 65 couples who had run the fertility clinic, overweight men underwent treatment issued by nutritionists and physical activity for a year, writes Annabel. In the end, it turned out that they were pregnant partners of men who lost more weight.
While the second study focused on letrozole component that is used in the treatment of breast cancer and fertility problems in women. Excessive fat in men, affecting the balance of sex hormones, which then affect sperm fertility and letrozoli, promotes testosterone. 

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