Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pain that does not neglect the women

Headaches mostly just headaches, and heartburn a sign that you have eaten spicy food immensely. However it is possible that these are symptoms of serious health conditions.

Strong headache
There are many strong probability that headache is migraine. However, when it is accompanied by other symptoms of migraine such as blurred eyesight, it is likely that it comes to the worst form of headache, brain aneurysm. These arterial bulge appear to 5 percent of the world's population, while in most cases do not harm health. Probably will not notice that you are suffering from brain aneurysm, unless you notice that aneurysm is broken or has ruptured. Aneurysm rupture of blood to fill the tissue which surrounds aneurysm (coming up strong pain) and reduces the delivery of oxygen.
Smoking and family history of aneurysm increases risk. Rupture of aneurysm can cause brain damage within minutes, so post quick search of medical help. The doctor will probably do CT scans of the head. If the doctor finds heavy bleeding, have to undergo surgery to stop and prevent brain damage.
Pulse teeth
is probably damaged tooth nerve which requires urgent treatment because they can come to the spread of bacteria, which can completely destroy tooth and spread throughout the body and damage the health of the circulatory system.
Perhaps the dentist only will close the tooth and protect nerve. If the tooth is infected, the dentist must heal and remove nerve tissue, and then the tooth will fill with substitute materials.
Strong Pain sideways
If you feel intense pain on the left side of the abdomen which is accompanied by nausea and fever is likely that you have inflammation of the colon Qore. Soon after bowel intestinal blockage comes to serious inflammation. Another possibility is that the ovarian cysts which are safe and are often created automatically, but if the cysts break can come to great pains.
If inflammation of the colon blind not heal, the consequences can be fatal.Coming to the swelling of the tissue that surrounds the internal organs. If you have cysts, however, visit a gynecologist who will see if it is necessary to leave not to block blood flow to the ovary for which reason may be required removal of the ovaries along with cisten.
Chest pain
chest pain temporarily may be the result of heartburn in the stomach. If you know that you have increased risk of creating heart disease, do not ignore the pain because it is likely that it comes to heart attack. During 1000 even women younger than 45 years experience heart attack.Symptoms in women are different than men. Can you feel the pressure, fatigue, pain in the throat or difficulty breathing.
If the pain you feel after consuming food too spicy, there is no reason to worry. If you feel pressure after exercise, it's time care. Heart attack occurs most often during exercise. Emergency aid the physician is extremely important. If you feel chest pain frequently, consult your doctor who will examine you and determine the best treatment possible.
Stomach pain and distension
All sometimes feel stomach pain, swelling or have gas. If this happens often is possible that it comes to ovarian cancer. Stomach pain, distension and gases are most often the first symptoms of ovarian cancer. If you feel longer than 2 to 3 weeks, visit the gynecologist.
Ovarian cancer is not as common as breast and lung cancer (1 in 70 women will be affected with cancer of the ovaries). However, if you have a greater risk due to genetic predispositions, show it gynecologist.
Advise gynecologist and explain to your symptoms. He will check, make ultrasound or CT. The good news is that even 90 percent of women survive ovarian cancer if detected at an early stage.
Pain in the back and stabbed in the foot
if you were physically active, such pain is normal and pain analgesics help.If the pains are often present, it is likely that the backpack is printed nerve.In this case it is necessary assistance orthopedics since there may be permanent damage to the nerves.
Recordings rays will reveal if there are damages. While the sense of slaughter and not made worse pain will go to physical therapy and will receive oral steroid that will ease inflammation. If not healed after several months, it is likely that surgery is necessary, transmit Koha.net.
Leg pain and swelling
in the legs If nodes are swollen and hurt, it is possible to have deep-vein thrombosis, known as blood clotting. When coagulation becomes large enough to block blood flow, the area around the clots will begin to swell and ache. Smokers and women who take birth control pills have an increased risk of blood clot creation.
Do not do massage on the swollen area that clotting will not split and do not reach the lungs through the blood circulation and prevent the circulation of oxygen. Visit a doctor who will make CT or ultrasound. If you clot, probably need to take medication to thin the blood in the period of one year.

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