Thursday, March 19, 2015

Why men are afraid of love?

Here are some reasons that make them always be drawn.

Love has no limits, nor recipes from which we can learn how to act, however, men are afraid and this is serious. In love there are no rules, but perhaps for these reasons fearing men, who are accustomed to have control of every situation. However there are those who reject because of painful experiences that may have passed before, which did not pass completely or others that they avoid because of the trauma they have spent in childhood.
Called filofobi and fear of love. Affects men of all ages, especially those most doing in professional profile.
Fear of change
Compared to women, men face personal differences with stiffness, preferring to stay in tradition. This retreat to a safe superficial world of limits under the profile gooey, making cool even to love.
Fear losing their freedom
There are those men who are afraid of love, because they are afraid of responsibility. Make a commitment to a significant connection, means you correct and responsible, but this means alarm for men.
Fear of losing control
applies to all men, especially for those who are used to manage or control any movement at work, and in every other area of life. Love is unpredictable and wants to let yourself free.
Afraid to join with someone
Selfishness male is subject to endless debate. Perhaps for this reason they have difficulties to join with another person. This union deprives an important part of themselves.
Fear of pain
Past with its painful shadows that come back and knock on the conscience in moments that are not expected, for example when we meet a person with whom to love. Fear this happening to many men. Fear of rejection is a fear that strikes both sexes. Usually, it is associated with childhood and parents, writes class magazine. A child who is feeling overlooked, tends to have more fear of rejection and abandonment. Consequently, prefers to avoid the bonds of love.
Afraid to feel weak
for various reasons, women are always more likely to tell their side of the weak, cry in public, show emotions, express feelings easily. The opposite happens with men. Young are taught to not ever wanted to kill off the susceptible. What love should be exposed.
Afraid to show their dark side
Always terms of fear to lose control and to show their hand worse, in love can not pretend for long, sooner or later everything comes to light against their will.

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