Friday, April 24, 2015

Physical exercise are key to fighting obesity

Experts overthrow the myth that physical activity fights obesity.

"Physical activity is minimal role in the treatment of obesity and instead public health messages should be focused on eating unhealthy", say doctors.
In an editorial in the "British Journal of Sports Medicine", three international expert said that it is time to fall myth that exercise influence obesity.They claimed that although physical activity is key to fighting diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. impact on obesity was minimal. Instead excess sugar and carbohydrates are the key.
Experts, including cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, blamed the food industry has encouraged the belief that exercise can balance the effect of feeding unhealthy.
Research shows that diabetes increases the calories much more sugar than those fat.
And the message given to people today that "as long as you have physical activity and sports, eat what and how you want", according to experts, is wrong. They think more than the calculation of calories, the main attention should be focused on their source.
"An overweight person will not solve his problem with exercise. The whole what has to do is eat less" - says Malhotra.

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