Friday, April 17, 2015

Salepi, nice drinks, but also healthy

Relish nothing more than a cold evening a drink SALEP.

Did you know that Salepi contains a polysaccharide called glucommanan rich in fiber, which is also known as the most effective supplement in losing weight.
So salepi can help us in losing weight, but should be careful with sugar content.
Salepi is a drink nice and warm which is prepared from flour of beautiful orchid flowers and is a traditional drink in Turkey, but also used in some European countries.
It is believed that eating Salepit offers us very good health, prevents cooling, soften the symptoms of bronchitis, cough improves, prevents constipation, hemorrhoids, regulate menstrual cycle, improves daily energy, fights intestinal parasites, and much more.
Well combined with cinnamon becoming a pleasant drink.

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