Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Peanut allergy treated with groundnut

Children who suffer from allergies to peanuts are successfully cured by a new method - by eating peanuts. A large clinical trial showed that increasing the amount of protein in the diet every day groundnuts, children have trained their immune system to tolerate this kind of food.

At the end of the study, 84 percent of children were able to eat at least five grains peanuts without allergic reactions, said the results published in the medical journal "The Lancet". This is enough to protect them from attacks if accidentally eat peanuts in food.
Doctors have warned parents that the treatment should be under medical supervision and should not be tried at home.
"Before treatment, the children and their parents have checked any food ingredient and avoided eating in restaurants. Now most patients who are undergoing treatment can eat at least five peanuts full. Families who have been involved in study, said they had drastically changed life, "said Dr.Andrew Clark.
The study included 99 children who began to eat small amounts of peanuts, while the dose was increased in a period of four to six months, reports
"It helped me a lot. Now I have no fear when out with my friends and eat something, will experience an attack. This was a big problem for me since childhood and I am grateful that I conquered" said Thomas Baragwanath sixteen-year-old.
Medical experts will do other tests before applying for a license for this technique. This may take several years.
Meanwhile, Cambridge university hospital plans to open a clinic for allergic to crow.

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