Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Thyroid because of obesity and fatigue

Tiroidale hormones must be kept under control throughout life, because it can negatively affect many systems in the body if it does not function properly.

Lack of balance in your weight, recurring fatigue and sleep problems may be caused by thyroid. In addition, thyroid also affect your emotional state and energy spent during the day.
There are many diseases caused by thyroid. Many of the sick are not aware of the gland dysfunction regular tiroidale.
The signs of some diseases associated with the thyroid are:
- fatigue; - Hair loss; - Frequent beating heart; - Obesity; - Constipation; - Menstrual disorders; - Trouble sleeping; - Regulation concerns the stomach and intestine; - Weakening of memory; - Sufficient moskontrollim by diseases like blood pressure medication, diabetes, cholesterol.
We must not forget that under very serious illness can stay disorder of the thyroid gland function, writes Start. If the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones, then slowed down movements, depression, fatigue, dry skin, muscle cramps and obesity.
While hipertiroides signs are weakening, irritability, sweating, frequent beating heart, trembling, anxiety, hair and muscles weakened.

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