Tuesday, May 5, 2015

To have the body as bloated, endangering life by injecting oil and alcohol (Video)

In order to be like his idol from the films "The Incredible Hulk", a 25-year-old boy and injected exercised during oil and alcohol in his hands.

Romario Alves Dos Santos has used lethal cocktail, making now face a range of health problems, reports Telegraph.
Former guard said fluid has used, has not he have clear mind and tried suicide, when his wife was pregnant at the sixth month.
25-year-old boy said that his highly developed body, scares children Calvas city Novas in Brazil, who call the "beast" and "monster".
With biceps that reaches up to 63 centimeters, the father of a child now is very regretful, though saved from amputation of hands.

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