Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Coffee with butter, the best way to lose weight

Already massively spread a new way of coffee consumption in the US and can be regarded as peculiarly: brown butter.

It is called "bulletproof coffee" and consists of grease and brown butter being made as a thick foam with taste.
Recipe conducted by David Asprey, contains a cup of hot water, two tablespoons of half coffee bean, which resolved to ground, one tablespoon oil-based fat easily soluble (eg. Coco) and a spoon butter, not salty.
These ingredients, mix for about 20 seconds and 450-calorie drink is ready. Many of the customers of this coffee use it to replace a meal.
A study published in the "Daily Mail" shows that all this drink is a proper breakfast because of the calories involved in this cup. So you will have more energy, will burn calories, you will have no excess fat in the body and will feel full until lunchtime.
Although butter in coffee may seem an absurd method, because fat is more detrimental to heart health, researchers have proved the contrary.According to them butter is healthier than sugar, because when he is thrown into the coffee arrives to burn calories in the body of the individual.
Brown butter reduces cholesterol but also makes it easier coffee for those individuals who consume about three cups of coffee a day. 
The taste is obtained from this mixture, it is acceptable for those who drink coffee and do not lose the traditional taste of caffeine.

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