Thursday, February 26, 2015

Here types of allergy in children

Allergies are a concern affecting all ages, are the children it is more pronounced and divided into two groups: inhalation allergies (air) and food.
Allergies inhalation caused mainly by house dust, moisture, mold, pollen of trees, The flowers, grass and other.Symptoms that appear on the skin allergy. The patient has rhinitis, sneezing, repeated bronchitis, infections common in the airways of others. Allergy to food may begin early after birth and appear as skin rashes,infections, frequent respiratory, gastrointestinal tract disorders strong reactions to threatening life. These reactions are caused mainly from cow's milk, soy, eggs, seafood products, peanuts, other nuts. 
If your children exhibit symptoms such specialist advice is necessary. PneumoalergologĂ« determine pediatricians diagnose, treat allergic problems and asthma, as well as assess the condition of patients with infections repeated.

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