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Is there a risk if the baby's umbilical cord around the neck?

Nearly one in three babies born with the cord around the neck. But do not be afraid, because the baby can not be suppressed and stuffy.

Ass. dr. Memli Morina, mr. sci
-gynecologist - obstetrician
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Navel (or umbilical cord as the doctors say) is a tube which has a length of about half a meter and which connects the baby to the placenta. Through the placenta and umbilical cord baby gets all substances for which there is a need. So the baby in the womb can neither eat nor can breathe - all it takes baby receives from the mother through the placenta.
The baby inside the mother's womb constantly float in the water. So, for the nine month baby constantly float in the fluid amnial. During the first quarter and second baby float much more because the body has less and has enough space inside the uterus to swim freely. Therefore, the umbilical cord can be wrapped around the neck, arm or around the body. Nearly one in three babies born with the cord around the neck.
But do not be afraid, because the baby can not be suppressed and stuffy.The baby is not breathing until the body of the mother. For this reason it is recommended that even after the baby is born not immediately connects the navel, because it helps if even for two-three minutes continues to receive nutrients from the mother. You saw the birth of the baby in the water? The baby is born in the water which does not die, because although emerges from the womb of the mother in the water, it continues to receive oxygen through the umbilical cord from the mother.
What if the umbilicus is rotated around the neck of the baby? A risk to the baby? This is one of the greatest concerns that expectant mothers (can we say the biggest concern that there may be a pregnant and her husband).
I said above that the umbilical cord is a tube. Inside this tube are three blood vessels: two arteries and a vein in the umbilical cord. Through these blood vessels circulating blood with a high blood pressure and umbilical cord is wrapped themselves with a gelatinous mass which we call substance Wharton. The measure makes the navel jelly Wharton be slippery and can not be tightened.
Do you happen often that babies born with heart of turning around the neck? Yes! About 30% of babies are born with the umbilical cord around the neck. Even doctors and midwives often do not mention this fact because it is frequent. If the umbilical cord is around the neck doctor or midwife to the birth of releases cord guide (if it is tight around the neck) until the head is born.
According to College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of UK cord around the neck is not the reason for which must be performed Caesarian.
There are times when everything does not go as we wish and as we planned, but do not be afraid that cord can asphyxiation baby. Sometimes doctors can not answer why you happen any complication. The human body is a miracle! Sometimes it seems that it is very simple, but often we see that it is very complicated and has a perfect perfection. Sometimes problems can occur which can not be found any fault, but most of the times is a perfect mechanism of avoiding the problem that the Creator has made the plans.
Therefore, be confident that everything will go well, though often through the head you could wish opinions on possible problems that can occur during pregnancy and childbirth.
May You Have a good pregnancy and a healthy baby! Good luck!

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