Monday, February 23, 2015

Seven golden rules for food and healthy life

Those who so far have not been looked after feeding them, should take account of these tips
• Furnizojeni your body to reduce the amount of food, but, instead of food quality as possible.
• basic rules of modern nutrition, which everyone should follow, says: more fruit and more vegetables, more fish than meat. 
Eat carbohydrates modestly, primarily with white bread flour.
• A little fat, very little sugar.
• Approximately every hour from a glass of water. Water contains no calories, fills the stomach and slows the urine.
• Avoid diets. During the diet the body works in the mode saving; pull many of those given little food. After completing the diet will add weight again soon. Presented bumerangit effect.
• No physical exercises or movements or healthy eating has nothing positive effect. Man can live healthy only when stored muscle action, and fat consumed, ideally, replaced with fatty measures muscle mass. For this there must be serious bodily exercises. Enough during the day to walk more, not every step you spend sitting in the car.
• And do not forget that in addition to a healthy diet are also important good moods, positive thinking, communicating with others. Each meal should be like a fun healthy food.

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