Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fiber-rich diets accelerate the weakening

New evidence suggests that losing weight is as simple as eating more fiber - as somehow.

A new study found that there is a simple strategy that works: Eat more fiber.Adding just 30 grams of fiber in the diet of participants in the study, the researchers noted in the School
of the University of Massachusetts Medical, matched or exceeded the effects of diet advised by the
American Heart Association (AHA).
AHA's diet includes 13 components, and although the study participants who applied it lost a bit more weight than those who were focused on fiber, the variance was negligible.
"AHA Diet complex resulted in slightly greater loss (but not statistically significant) of
weight, but a simplified approach that emphasizes only increased fiber consumption may be a reasonable alternative for individuals who have difficult to apply a more complicated diet, "said lead researcher, Dr.Yunsheng Ma, professor of medicine, in a press release.
Participants who applied fiber diet were able to lose weight, to reduce blood pressure and improve their reaction to all the 240 volunteers who participated in the study had symptoms of metabolic syndrome, including high pressure blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and were overweight.
Researchers noted that diet is more effective when fibers from fruits, raw vegetables and proteins - and not through supplements. Some articles on healthy food with lots of fiber are: cereals like barley and oats integral;vegetables like spinach and carrots; legumes like beans leblebia and Lima;Fruits like apples and bananas; and proteins such as seeds and nut.
"In addition to weight control, fiber diets can also help prevent type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease," said the Harvard Health Blog, dr.Frank Hu, professor of epidemiology at the School nutrologiisë and Public Health at Harvard who did not participate in the study.
Researchers estimate that most diets simply as access "to the very fiber" will be able to promote a long-term application. Eating more fiber can also help those who are feeling fed diet without eating more.
The new study was published this week in the "Annals of Internal Medicine".

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