Monday, March 2, 2015

Why do we want to see foreign women?

Each female will look to other female good, even when it together with its partner, will do it secretly. That is why?

Every woman at least once in life has caught his partner watching any other female. Most of them will realize how insulting or at least be a little worried, reports Telegraph.
These are the reasons why men watch other women, while none of them is that they do not love their partner.
The issue is the testosterone
men saw women will instinctively, and only later will think about what they are doing. Testosterone affects their brain that perceives "prey" potential, while his eyes simply must watch. After this "coming" in itself and everything back to normal, but the mistake they made ​​- other already watched.
The issue is also the aesthetics of
women want to look beautiful things, while neither men are not very different. Will measure visually beautiful women, because they want to enjoy the beautiful sights, but it does mean that for this reason not love their partner. Even women in the same way enjoy the beautiful sights, but to those most often it is about shoes.
Well here is the jealousy factor
male who feels very attractive and sometimes deliberately before his partner will see other women just because of the reaction. In this way draws attention, while later flattered by jealousy of his girlfriend.

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