Monday, March 23, 2015

Do you think that women masturbate less than men?

Maybe is true, maybe not. I was present study were below presents some of the most interesting and surprising facts about the complacency of women.

Researchers from Arizona State University analyzed interviews with 20 women who were recruited through several lists. All these women agreed to participate in a study on sexuality, so the results may incline more by women who are more active in these areas.
However, some results and interesting facts we found for masturbation you can see below:
All women masturbate
at least in this sample was found that all the women masturbate. All 20 women reported that they masturbate at least once in their lives, although their responses ranged from several times a day, once a day.
Sex toys are also present
Overall, 18 of 20 women reported that they had used sex toys, either alone or with a partner.
What do women in bed?
Most participants said they felt that other self-penetrate women with sex toys or their fingers during masturbation, but interesting is that most women say they do not in this way, instead they focus more on stimulating the clitoris.
Sometimes it can be as chore
Although women have been largely positive for solo sex, they also noted some frustrating aspects - like when they can not have an orgasm when they masturbate or because they have not finished better partner them.
Some women think that masturbation is for men
Some women in the study said that men are more prone to masturbate - or at least more likely to do it regularly. Some also noted that they masturbate more about their male partners than to masturbate for themselves.Masturbation should not be something that only men of experience.
No need to be a great event Romantic
Many women have reported that this is the life blood of their sting. In fact, a woman compared her regular masturbation while it cleans teeth, while another woman said she wants to start their day masturbate in the shower.Yes, this is a great way to start your morning with a smile.
Masturbation makes you happy
Many women reported that sex solo was a good way their body and that shows a self-acceptance. They also report the wonderful benefits of masturbation, as a sense of joy and satisfaction, relief of stress and show that masturbation helps them to experiment to find out what makes them feel good. Plus, you know, the orgasm. 

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