Monday, March 23, 2015

You feel bloated after eating? Eat a kiwi

Cakes can be the answer to avoid that feeling of swelling after excessive food at dinner.

Eating a kiwi after a meal is associated with improved digestion and a reduction in the sense of "swelling and discomfort", emphasize the scientists. Considered that exotic fruit contains a unique complex which helps digest protein found in red meat, milk and fish.
The findings suggest that even a single fruit can help with poor digestion, especially those in old age, after consuming a meal loaded with milk or meat burgeri.
"Improving the digestion of proteins observed after eating kiwi gastric can increase the speed at which protein is absorbed in the small intestine, affecting the overall end to the use of protein in the human body," said lead author Dr. Lovedeep Kaur from Massey University in New Zealand."Ingesting the fastest and most complete protein food due to the presence of a unique enzyme which appears so natural, and which is present only in kiwi".
"Only the kiwi enzymes, even in the absence of any other enzymes, digestive, she is unable to third more protein present in foods, especially yogurt, cheese, fish and raw eggs, which suggests that eating a kiwi along with a protein rich meal can be a convenient solution for those who have problems with digestion. "
Besides digestive, kiwi has more vitamin C than the equivalent amount of orange, transmits But a growing number of people report an allergy to green fruit furry, even with reactions occasionally reported, especially among children.
The research was conducted in laboratory mouse models, and kiwi enzyme was shown to aid in the digestion of proteins.
The study, published in the journal "advances in Food and Nutrition Research", concluded: "It is clear from studies that consumption The kiwi as part of a meal rich in protein increases the rate of digestion of proteins, especially in the stomach. "
It also added that: "Emptying the stomach faster in the presence of actinium ... can help reduce swelling and discomfort feeling of gastric sometimes to those who consume a diet with more protein."
The research was funded by the largest trader in the world of kiwi fruit, Zespri. European marketing manager, Nele Moorthamers, said: "Although it is already known as a natural aid to digestion of food, this research focused on the role of kiwis in breaking down food proteins, which can be particularly difficult for be wasted in comparison with other foods.
"Kiwi is rich in actinium which breaks down proteins faster and more effectively than it can do so only digestive enzymes, making kiwis a perfect choice to overcome digestive problems. So, after a wine and food grilled excessive, would have to eat kiwi to help alleviate swelling and very unpleasant feeling of a stomach overflowing, this feeling that all know very well. 

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