Thursday, March 5, 2015

Why teenagers prefer more trends?

The teenage years are years stubbornly. Teenagers creates great pleasure to challenge their parents. It is fashionable to note any way which will also accept their peers.

The fact is that trends have always existed. Most of us hardly recognize the preferences of young people to choose music or clothing, but perhaps forget that our parents did not agree so when we were looking to duplicate the movements of Elvis Presley or the Beatles hairstyle.
It is true that there are always trends that young people adopt the turbulent environment in which they live; regardless of whether it is fashion, music or anything else, reports Telegraph.
Trends do not last without limits and not all teenagers under the influence of the media or under peer pressure. Indeed, as much as to be independent and have much more confidence, the less are the chances that fall under the influence of the newest trends or feel the need to shock.
And yes, you like you or not, must deal with the impact of trends in one of these ways. Will meet more easily if you think about music and fashion to show individuality. These are tools that teenagers use doggy unlike their parents, and hence this behavior can be healthy.
Since our teens to follow fashion know certifying their submission, the desire to be beautiful wearing fashionable, in other words with a clothing firm, has grown even more. Today is the physiognomy it, who rules and is therefore normal that our young people keep eyes of fashion and new outfits.
A teenager, wearing a certain type of clothing, he wants to prove to others his belief in himself. Undoubtedly, the factors affecting the confidence and the selection of clothes, are numerous. One of the most important factors here are friends of the teenager. Friends are the main determinants and guiding adolescent behavior and his clothing.
For the youth of today, fashion is what they think gives them a special status in society. Fashion for them is not just a way of dressing that they follow with passion, but also a way that is used to display their personality, to show themselves and to leave to others a good impression.
A good, indicates in some way even your personality, as would indicate a false good and extravagant nature's undignified.
It should be said also that there are many problems in today's youth as the way of dressing. Everyone should be free to dress as he feels better and not be influenced by the tastes of others.

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