Thursday, April 23, 2015

Medication witch should not mixed with physical activities

Even if it comes to a short stay in the gym or aerobic classes, sometimes it is in your best interest to mix certain medications and physical activity. Find out which drugs, in combination with exercise, can damage your health.

If you notice that anti-allergy medications make you drowsy, make sure they get after a visit to the gym or the jogging path. Is it safe to take aspirin before cycling? When it comes to treatment with medication, really should you care at all possible effects, good or bad.
Beta obstacle are a group of drugs used to reduce blood pressure, glaucoma, migraine, or heart problems.
Beta obstacle slow heart rate and therefore are a very bad combination with exercises aimed at increasing the number of beatings. This gives the body conflicting messages, and in this case the tire very quickly, which can be very frustrating. Talk to your doctor about the combination of beta obstacle and exercises, make sure if they are really necessary for your condition. In some cases, beta obstacle are only an option so it will be good to your doctor to explain all the details.
Pain medicines are divided into two groups, these are analgesic and ibuprofen which eases the pain but reduces swelling and inflammation.
Pain is usually a sign that something is wrong, usually it comes to tissue injury and therefore excessive use of analgesics should bother you. In particular, attention should be given to drugs that contain ibuprofen, because its consequences could be water retention in the body, which during exercise may charge cardiovascular system even more.
Mainly antidepressants act relaxing, and most common are those that make chemical imbalance in the brain to elevate mood, transmits During the first week of taking antidepressants can be displayed fatigue and lack of will.
The consequence of antidepressants may also be sudden increase in weight while physical activity is very important for mood disorders. If antidepressants put you to sleep more, Never receive before exercise or talk to a doctor to alter their therapy.
Same is with antihistamines, drugs that are taken for different types of allergies (by pollen, animal hair ...). They in most cases cause fatigue and lethargy, and it never goes in our favor if, for example, go for jogging, because it would fall concentration and could easily come to harm.

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