Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Is your penis the biggest? The average length of it is this!

In the journal "British Journal of Urology" was published study entitled "A'm normal?", While research has shown that the average penis length in the sitting position is nine, while the penis erect something longer than 13 centimeters.

To arrive at these numbers, their study British researchers have included even 96 previously published works on the subject, reports Telegraph.
A part of the research was rejected (because it is dealing with erectile dysfunction) until the end were only 20 and so we can talk about the model by more than 15 thousand men.
For most women, the only measure which is mostly important is the volume of the penis (the average is 11.65 cm), because the vagina is very sensitive to the outside, says dr. David Veale, author of the report.
The majority of men are concerned about their penis size, although part on average. This type of anxious called "small penis syndrome" - writes the author of the study.
Research has shown how even 85 percent of women are satisfied with the size of the penis of their partners, but only 55 percent of men were satisfied with their penis.
However, researchers in the end add the numbers that have not even so much about satisfying your partner.
In society circulate different ideas as to what's important to bed, while very few are those who are scientifically based on this matter.

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