Wednesday, March 4, 2015

No oysters sea, but these are promising sex aphrodisiac memorable

Oysters, food, chili, avocado and shpargulli are known aphrodisiac, supposedly keep you awake all night. Dr. Ferguson Charity, from Britain, says that the problem with success can choose exactly the way of nutrition.

However, scientists say that the most important is the brain which sends signals precisely other organs, reports Telegraph.
Without doubt there are foods by which also feel more sex. So, start together with your partner to try out one by one, the following products until you find out what works in you.

Coco oil
taste fantastic addition, this type of oil is an excellent lubricant, which is also well known seductive fragrance.
This sauce, which the main components is garlic, which contains alibi, is an integral miracle which will further increase sexual desire.
Melting ice grains can boost sexual awakening (remind cult film "Nine and a half weeks").
Red meat
proteins and zinc are true sweets for testosterone, but since red meat has more calories, be careful about the amount that it would consume.
is rich in vitamin B, which also stimulates the secretion of testosterone and astrogjenit. Let imagination let rage and allow yourself a bit contagious games.
Red Trees
These trees were delicious sweet and do good to both men and women, whereas men improve even more the quality of sperm. Among others, who would not like strawberry in chocolate with champagne.
Even the most passionate kiss between two lovers has failed to equate with good feeling that causes chocolates. Researchers say that the amount of endofinës, which is produced from eating chocolate, leads to increased sexual satisfaction.
is known that large amount of alcohol affects not good libidonë male but also female, reports Telegraph. However, if you decide just for a glass of quality SANGRIN likely to experience pleasant surprise.
salad with characteristic flavor is an excellent choice for dinner with your partner. Be creative and add olive oil with some Bademe and dried plums.
FIG has a long history of being the instigator of fertility and is excellent aphrodisiac because it is packed with soluble fiber and non soluble, which is important for heart health. In appearance, shijeje, improves mood and increases our lust.

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