Thursday, March 26, 2015

Make regular yoga practice into your life

Yoga is one of the most liberating and energizing practice that has recently been taking a greater importance in people's routine. One important fact deserved.

Yoga brings many benefits to the human body, it releases the pain and calms the mind.
1. Bridge the ridge down
This is a very good position to escape from back pain in the long run. You should try to go near as many legs with the wings. But you should do every day by little, your body accept resilience.
2. Uttanasana
This is a position to calm the brain and relieve stress. A greater forward flexion promotes more blood flow to the brain, stimulates the liver and kidneys and releases tension. Take tail hair, going in order not to hinder.Relaxation is the key in this position.
3. Cobra
Cobra is a position quite easily. Suffice to lie down with the boat through the wings attempt to push the upper part of the body without moving his feet. The neck should keep the above can. This position enhances mood, open chest and helps pave the road from the heart to the lungs, improves circulation and facilitates hardening at the bottom of the backpack.
4. Triangle (Utthita Trikonasana)
Ideal for anxiety, stress frees this position following the elasticity throughout the body. Improves digestion and reduces symptoms of anxiety and osteoporosis. Trikonasana Utthita strengthens the legs, wrists, hips and shoulders step along the chest.
5. Position the Blerina, for strength and balance
is the best dancer balancing and you need some nerves to achieve. What you sculpt elasticity, strength and perseverance.
6. Camel
Suitable for opening the heart and spine health. For some it is very difficult because most of us spend time in front of the computer hooked. This position is ideal for gaining new energies and back.
7. Stand with head and feet tied
Find a point to help you keep balance and then place the foot as in the illustration. Will feel the energy from the blood to circulate in the head.Keep your elbows away from your ears and press firmly with the forearms.These latter have to do all the work (at the head). Stay in this position for 10 breaths or as long or how you feel comfortable.
8. Sirsasana
You can do every day even though you can not go every day in yoga class, writes Annabel. During this position also can meditate. Suitable for pain in shoulders, keywords or tired feet in this position try to bring your legs as high as possible.
9. Fish
This position is also good for opening the chest to ease the consequences of staying in a computer desk. Claim you have a weight in the abdominal area and attempt to lift the chest keeping legs crossed.
10. Refraction
Refraction is ideal for calm, back pain, energy and detoxification.Refraction such, capture feet in order to check further, creates tranquility, energy 'yin' to circulate in the system and stimulates blood circulation by massaging to suffer as the kidneys or liver organs.

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