Thursday, March 26, 2015

Where can more easily meet partner?

A study led by Mic, has revealed some interesting facts about how we meet the other half.

Mic has made ​​2300 people two questions: How have you met current partner? How did your relationship?
Results are not ones you can imagine. Discover it.
Only a small fraction of the people were familiar with their partners thanks to a website or application meetings. Given that the world in which we live is being transformed into digital, besotted as only 9.4 percent of people are known online. Well if you are not familiar to the Internet, where then?
Which means: a small fraction of people have had success in all those flirting at the coffee apparatus.
Only one in five have recognized partner in a social environment.
According Mic survey, 22.3 percent of people have met partners in a social environment, the way to work, or as in the case of Nicole Richie, in the club. If you are still waiting for a special person, better search elsewhere than on the premises preferred. For Finally, 22.3 percent is not too much.
But if not recognized on the Internet, at work or in a social place where people belong Well boyfriend heart?
Statistically you have more opportunities to show your man's life through common friends.
Good read. 38.9 percent of people asked were met through common friends.
When one thinks, in some cases, your friends can know better than you yourself knows himself, writes class magazine. But remember also that, if you like friends, chances are that and their friends will also be 'cool'.
Friends have not yet introduced with Mr. or Mrs. Perfect? Well, about 40 percent of people are platonic friends before passing to another level. So you can have your half already known better, but do not know yet.

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