Monday, May 11, 2015

Cell phone holster, more polluted than the toilet

According to a study shows that rattles phones is more polluted than gloves of a public toilet ...

Sheath of phones are probably things that we touch more during the day.But, have you ever thought how it can contain bacteria like E-coli or viruses, which are transmitted in your face, create irritation, acne, but the disease?
Even cell phones should be cleaned more often because they are very dirty, because stick everywhere with us. Keep therefore and do them hygienic care. 
What to do to minimize their dirt:
▪ Wash your hands often because his most bacteria are transmitted by hand or otherwise.
▪ Try not to take the phone with you when you go to the toilet.
▪ If you've really necessary, they do not leave the sink or near the bin because both are located in a bacterial source.
▪ Wash often. You can also use soap or a detergent just another simple with which wash hands.
▪ If you are in an environment outside, put down the handset so that the rays of the sun fall on the sheath because UV rays kill some of the bacteria. 

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