Monday, May 11, 2015

Some tips to escape from acne

For a clean face, there are some alternatives to prevent their development, are not absolute, but are worth Attempting. Here are some custom, taught by various consultations with beautician, dermatologists and cognitive secrets healthy life.

Do not touch your face with dirty hands. Drink much more water. Water helps cleanse the body of impurities and skin to heal.
Very good drinking is organic green tea. It contains many antioxidants, which are excellent to remove impurities from the body.
Say no dairy, fatty foods, fried foods, sparkling beverages, chocolate and alcohol. These foods contain high levels of chemicals etc. as these that better not pull in the body if clean face
Do not be consumed more sugar. All the above mentioned foods back into sugar when taken from the body and too much sugar means more acne.
But there are not only forbidden foods. Foods that can eat: spinach and other green vegetables, dried fruit, to name a few. Do not fry these foods, do not saturate with oil.
You must constantly stratify skin. This to remove lifeless cells to grow new cells, class magazine writes. Use natural way against them.
Have patience. Acne may be hormonal, stress or allergies. If you persist consult dermatologist. 

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