Monday, May 11, 2015

Twenty facts about Down syndrome

Associated with Down's syndrome are some facts that are characteristic of all people who have the syndrome.

1. Individuals with Down syndrome have 47 chromosomes instead of 46 chromosomes that individuals without the syndrome. How does this happen? They have an extra copy of chromosome 21-to.
2. Down syndrome is not a disease (or something sticky). It is a genetic condition (chromosomal disorder) caused by the presence of an extra chromosome in the 21st chromosome genetic factor to every man is also determining the color of hair, eyes and length.
3. Called Down syndrome, not Down-mails, and individuals who have Down syndrome are not Down syndrome. Down syndrome does not specify the individual, it is simply a part of what are these individuals.
4. Individuals do not have Down syndrome "light" or "heavy". The ability does not depend on genetic condition but the individual. Individuals have Down syndrome or not have it.
5. Unlike the perception created, individuals with Down syndrome are always happy. They experience every emotion.
6. Children with Down syndrome go to the same stages of development as children who do not have this syndrome. What is the difference between them? Compared with their peers, children with Down syndrome need more time and work with the assistance of family and therapeutic services professionals to achieve development milestones, such as rotation, to sitting, dragging, the walking, talking, etc.
7. Although there are some characteristic physical features in individuals with Down syndrome, these individuals resemble many with their family than with each other.
8. facial features of an individual does not determine his cognitive ability.Just because someone has some physical features characteristic of Down syndrome, does not mean that lower intelligence level. Also because someone has physical traits of Down syndrome little more distinct, does not mean that their intelligence is higher.
9. You will get what you are expecting and will not be disappointed! Just because a child has Down syndrome, it does not mean that they are not able to behave well or follow the instructions. Children with Down syndrome are smart. They need several minutes to understand the expectations (or commands) to react or respond.
10. There are three types of Down syndrome: 1. "Trizomia 21 unbroken" is encountered. All cells have an extra chromosome. 2. Down's Syndrome form "Translokacion", occurs when a chromosome 21 attached (translokohet) in other chromosomes. Children with Down syndrome usually have translokacion final two copies of chromosome 21, but they also have extra material from chromosome 21 attached to translokuar chromosome. 3. The final mosaic Down syndrome, occurs when only some cells have an extra chromosome but other cells in the body are 46 chromosomes.
11. All individuals with Down syndrome experience cognitive delay, but the effect is usually mild to moderate and is not indicative of the many strengths and talents that each individual may have Down syndrome.(National Down Syndrome Society).
12. Not all children / individuals with Down syndrome are alike. To know someone with Down syndrome, does not mean that all individuals with Down syndrome are the same. We are all individuals, regardless of how chromosomes have.
13. Older children and older adults with Down syndrome are aware that they have this syndrome.
14. Adults with Down syndrome are not destined to be a "child forever", but adults who have this syndrome.
15. Children with Down syndrome perform better in an inclusive learning environment and their fellow friends kindergarten / school perform better when they learn about diversity, goodwill and friendship in the early age.Comprehensive classes learn and benefit of all children.
16. Individuals with Down syndrome contribute to their families, in schools, in work environments with their peers and society.
17. The brothers and sisters of individuals with Down syndrome are not adversely affected by their presence in the family, even the opposite happens. Most report that their relationship is one of the greatest gifts in their lives.
18. Many adults with Down syndrome attend college, they have a job or get married.
19. Individuals not "suffer" from Down syndrome (or physically due to the syndrome), transmits In a study conducted by Brian Stotko, 99% of adults with Down syndrome report that they are happy with their lives.
20. Brian Stotko study, only 5% of parents stated that they feel confused about the fact that their child has Down syndrome.

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