Friday, February 20, 2015

Nigella sativa (black seed) is greater anxiety of cancer

(NaturalNews) Despite the reluctance of some pharmaceutical giants and some doctors who collect large sums of money by recommending chemotherapy treatment, Nigella Sativa has been proven many times that it is a successful treatment of cancer, without using conventional treatments.
Nigella Sativa is shown to be effective against many types of kacerit, such as: cancer of the pancreas, colon, prostate, breast, brain cancer even. In fact, Nigella Sativa is the worst nightmare of cancer and is a ray of hope for people who would otherwise die.
Statistics show that the success rate of people who use chemotherapy over five years is only 2.1 percent.
Nigella Sativa, on the other hand, has proven that destroys cancer cells of the pancreas in 80 percent level.
Chemotherapy has many side effects and side effects is the possibility of the occurrence of a second cancer. Second cancer is very aggressive and can occur from tumor recurrence.
Nigella Sativa not only rebuild the immune system and destroys cancer cells; it also strengthens the good cells (healthy) to fight cancer.
Obviously, it is imperative that cancer be treated immediately or in the early stages, if it is possible.
Along with the use of oil (black seeds), cancer diet should also take into consideration that:
Sugar, processed foods, and only bleach that feed cancer and make him fight harder.
Research on cancer and Nigella SATIV√čN
So far, 462 published studies on the efficacy of Nigella Sativa. ( Multiple studies have been done on the effect of Nigella Sativa and its capacity anti-tumor. In 1997, the Cancer Research Facility - Hilton Head Island, South California, Nigella Sativa was proved extraordinary capacity to kill tumor cells.
  1. Cancer of the pancreas: The study was conducted at the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson and researchers have found that the use of Nigella Sativa, 80% of pancreatic cancer cells were destroyed. Cancer of the pancreas is the fourth cause of cancer deaths big in America, with a survival rate of 4% after five years of using conventional treatments. ( )
  2. Rectal Cancer: In 2010, a research project was done in Tanta - Egypt on the use of Nigella Sativa against colon cancer in mice. Nigella Sativa has greatly reduced the size of tumors and also reduce tumors in the lungs and digestive tract. ( )
  3. Breast cancer: In 2003, Jackson State University researchers in the US have tested Nigella Sativa in breast cancer cells.Final results have shown promising advances in the treatment of breast cancer. ( ).
There are many success stories from using Nigella Sativa against cancer and each protocol has been operating for the individual, as is the Story of a young man who took nine capsules Nigella Sativa oil a day, to fight brain cancer. 
Nigella Sativa Protocol against cancer is quite simple and very effective.
Use three small spoon of Nigella Sativa fluid a day, mixed with half a spoon (small) honey or juice squeezed.
Use the first dose half an hour before the food in the morning, noon second dose and the third dose before going to bed.
An alternative protocol is to use ground seeds, hot once a day and the oil twice a day. Simply mix the ground seeds with honey and eat at will.

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