Friday, February 20, 2015

Nine kinds of negative thoughts and how to overcome

All times pass through the phase of negative thoughts, in which neither extremely optimistic people are not immune. However, for some such thinking can be destructive.

Psychologists consider that even the feeling of shame can promote physical reaction (such as redness), it is therefore not surprising that negative thoughts can lead to disease, obesity and depression. Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen has been paid to analyzing the process, during which affect the appearance thoughts, energy and our general state of health.His research revealed that the change from negative to positive thinking can transform our lives for the better.
In his book "Change your mind, change your body", dr. Amen identifies negative automatic thoughts which he describes as "young voices that are in your head and you say that you are not good enough" . Luckily in to be affected.
1. All or nothing - this includes black and white thinking, which makes you believe how everything is either absolutely good or absolutely bad.Understand how a failure does not mean that post abstain. Everyone can be an error, but fortunately many things in life do not depend on a wrong decision.
2. The use of negations and generalizations - if you think or say phrases like "never will remove any excess kilos", put you in a position where you have no control over your actions. Never say never - prevent yourself using generalizations.
3. Focus on the negative things - if often wearied themselves with negative possibilities, rather than to think positive, many would rather give up than to continue. Try to find the positive side of everything, and in this way to lift the mood.
4. Thinking with feeling - when you assume right about something, do not put in doubt constantly. Try to think with logic instead of emotions. Ask for evidence that will support your position.
5. Guilt - the use of words such as "required" or "should" guilt manifests and allows to control your behavior. Send away the guilt, do what needs but not at the cost of your health or sound reason.
6. Labelling - if you sew it yourself label (such as "I'm a loser"), he get yourself control over what you do, and they will start to believe these negative thoughts. This approach means that you tend to give up easily.
7. "forecast" of the future - the worst forecast even if you do not know what will happen correctly. These thoughts are very common and can rob you soon. The problem with these ideas is that strongly influence the mind and may seem that things are really like, transmits If you allow to dominate you stress, it can adversely affect the immune system, and increase the chances of being sick. Chronic stress is linked to many diseases.
8. Reading the mind - when you consider that you know what other people think about you. The truth is that you have not actually about what people think. If you see someone, it does not necessarily mean that you judge.
9. Blaming others -is downtime blame others and to escape from responsibility for failures or your successes. When you start a sentence with "it's your fault," such ways of thinking can destroy them life. Negative thoughts make you a victim, but the fact is that in most cases exactly you are those who reap what you sow in life.

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