Friday, February 20, 2015

Reasons for joy and happiness

In the fast dynamics of rare life ban itself and the whole lungs breathe.Precisely for this reason sometimes feel empty, lonely and are under constant stress.

To end these things must learn to enjoy small things, take care of friendships and to surround yourself with loving people. You bring small things that each day can fill the batteries us and make us happy.
1. Smile - remember to always smile back with a smile. It can reach up where you want, see life and things about yourself by bright. Sometimes smile with embarrassment, perhaps this really draw your smile.
2. Embracing - even a hug alone is sufficient for happiness. Sometimes you should just embrace the loving person that day to have meaning.
3. Coffee friend or friends - coffee or any other beverage Mycenaean friend or your favorite caf√© is enough that you corrected the day.Conversation without obligations will give away all the stress and bad thoughts.
4. The new model hair - hair new model makes surprise! So when things go wrong, go to the hair salon. Even 54 percent of people feel great if they fix the hair on that day. This increases confidence and makes us happy.
5. Help others - sometimes more feel happy if you help someone than when you do something for yourself. Help elderly neighbors to bring heavy qesa to the door, help the stranger, which requires any street in your town's offer refuge under your tent while waiting for the bus or simply l√ęshojani place an elderly person on the bus.
6. good book - maybe you need to book just so good that due to his to lose touch with reality and which can not be sorted out. And satisfaction in particular represents the moment when you reach the last page. Sometimes it is not bad, at least briefly to live in another world, away from everyday worries.
7. shopping - it is no secret that beautiful sex relish purchases. Rejoice with any detail or any new clothes in your closet. Smiling will immediately note in the face.
8. beloved song on the radio - when the day started with the most beloved song which wakes you up or listen to the radio while preparing for work, you find that everything is better. Then sing this song all day and if you do not fall into bed bored with it. Happiness is able to promote a song which probably reminds a beloved happened in the past.
9. Email / SMS / call sudden - there feeling more beautiful than when you notified friend whom you have not seen for a long time, you find the "Facebook" friend from childhood, or get sms from someone you like .Suddenly the day made ​​better.
10. Journey - sit in the car and go from the noisy city. Take the friends or partner and escape from daily stress. Overseas travel to an unknown place for you, and if the budget does not allow goes on picnic out of town, make picnic in the meadow and spend the day with people that you love.

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