Monday, March 2, 2015

Feelings affect physical exercises

According to research American scientists, most people with disposable neutral exercise, while scientists have defined as persons who are not extremely happy, nor sad.

During the research scientists have divided 153 students into 3 groups.One group watched comedy, drama another sad end, while the third group watched a documentary for business. Films have been credited for creating a feeling of sadness and happiness, as well as neutral disposition.
After viewing the films have completed the survey on how often exercise and how often they want to exercise. The survey contained questions for their current mood.
Students who have watched the documentary in greater measure planned physical assets. At the least desire for exercise have shown students who watched the drama.
"Our research shows that daily actions, such as watching movies, can affect the willingness and desire to exercise," Science Daily conveys statement prof. John Carroll.
Scientists emphasize that feelings, positive and negative, can influence decision making exercises. To adopt the habit of exercise, it is important to understand the impact of emotions on behavior. If sadness or grief makes a person lazy, it is important to find a way to dispose of and begin exercises.
Prof. Carrol added how "we must not allow emotions stop us in maintaining healthy habits, especially exercises."
Exercises are one of the best ways to improve mood because it will stimulate the release of endorphin, the hormone of happiness, transmits It has proven to increase the level of self-esteem exercises, and much earlier than the start of the observed results.

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