Monday, March 2, 2015

That's why we see colors differently

Some of the most skilled scientists in the fields of neuro-medical give their theory about the 'phenomenon' dress colors.

The debate that began several days on the Internet are accompanied by explanations and scientific facts. Realistically dress is blue with black, but some people can not see well.
The debate about the color of a dress set on sale at a British website has caused turmoil on the Internet, but scientists who study the brain are ready to give an explanation.
In this case, different perception occurs because the image is over-exposed, say scientists.
According to a professor and brain sciences at the University Richester conjunctiva, the change may be due to the different variations of the number of photoreceptors in the retina, called cones, which perceive blue.The human eye has about 6 million cones sensitive to the colors green, red or blue. Go from cone signals in the brain, which interprets them as color.
"It's interesting! When it comes to colors, the blue is stranger. We look blue cones have less compared with other color cones. If you have more blue puppy, you will see the blue. If you have fewer such, you will see white. "
Joseph Toscano, assistant professor at Villanova University in the Department of Psychology and an expert in the field of illusions, said the image appears to be a type of reversible figure, or a figure that is interpreted in two ways, depending on various factors.
Another theory involves the perception of colors, writes Annabel. People can perceive color in different ways, whether ambient light signals are absent.
Meanwhile, the girl who flashed the picture, is enjoying honeymoon in Jamaica.

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