Monday, March 2, 2015

Stress causes chronic inflammation

Chronic Inflammation is the body's reaction to trauma or infection which may arise as a result of various disorders and diseases.

In a research participated 34 healthy women of full age. In researching some of them were exposed to stressful situations, such as public speaking and job interviews.
Scientists have taken blood samples and found that women who were exposed to stressful situations show greater levels of C reactive protein, which is a sign of inflammation, transmits C reactive protein produced in the liver when the body is present inflammation and is part of the immune system.
Although we have been informed that stress weakens the immune system, this is the first research that the effect of stress on the body and is measured in a blood sample of participants.
Research leader Dr. Peggy ZOCCOLA, said that as "chronic inflammation has not yet been researched properly, it is proved that can increase the risk of creating a range of diseases."
C reactive protein level was much higher among women who have been exposed to stressful situations, compared with those who were not, transmits The worst is that C reactive protein level has continued to grow during the next one hour.
Scientists emphasize that stress is unavoidable, but you can learn to cope with. There are various relaxation techniques (deep breathing, meditation) which have helped people throughout the world, conveys "Telegraph".

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