Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Coffee, fizzy drinks and energetic drinks slow brain development

Fizzy drinks, which contain large amounts of caffeine, stopping normal development of the brain in children, scientists warn.

Besides that prevents us to sleep, caffeine interferes preventing brain development during adolescence. This is a critical period for brain, when the problems in its development may lead to schizophrenia, anxiety, drug abuse and personality disorders.
Researchers have conducted experiments in rats, but claim that the discovery raises concerns for children and adolescents who consume large amounts of caffeine in Coca-Cola and energy drinks.
Between 300 and 400 mg of caffeine or four cans of energy drinks per day, or four cups of coffee, can affect the brain, according to a study.
Swedish researchers have focused on brain development in adolescence.While the brain is prepared for demand in adulthood, Synapses, or connections between cells that are not necessary, eliminated. It is believed that sleep is essential in this process.
"This happens during deep sleep. The main synapse survive, others are reduced and all this makes the network more efficient and stronger", said Professor Reto Huber Children's University Hospital in Zurich.
Professor Huber said when the young rats were given water containing caffeine, they have less deep sleep than those who drank plain water.Their brains had more synapses to the end of the study, which means that the development was hampered.
While, as we wrote the first few days, reports Koha.net, other studies claim that carbonated beverages may even make children aggressive.

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