Friday, March 13, 2015

Foreign patients choose the American Hospital

American Hospital continues to be a leader on health service delivery in Albania, thanks to very high professional achievements in the field of medicine nationally.

The large number of patients, faith and hope that is created among them, speaks more to the hospital. Established reputation speaks for nine years hard work. The hospital also evaluated internationally. Concrete example that proves this things the next patient who traveled from his home in Wales Great Britain for over 15 hours road to come to the American Hospital in Tirana. Bruce Turner is 63 years old and suffering from a complicated disease that required a highly specialized surgical interventions and a dynamic pursuit of the patient.
Operation is performed by a general surgeon Dr. Burak Koza whole team together more supportive. Now this patient, whose operation was canceled many times in Wales, there will return surprised by the level of professionalism in medicine and the American Hospital. Medical Tourism in Albania is adequately represented by the American Hospital, helps not only American Hospital but is quite impressive and marketing and our country in general and thus help a little bit in the development of tourism in any form his own.
In the long term plans of the American Hospital is the development of health tourism in Kosovo. For this we are investing more in infrastructure, technology and qualified medical staff, in order to compete worthily regional countries such as Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Kosovo to restore health to the level that we all want.
Health is absolutely the most expensive thing for man, and for the American Hospital showed that the salvation of lives and health safety is the most triumphant. 

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