Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hair style from Milan Fashion Week

If there were a unifying beauty statement this week in Milan is that your hair will be tied and complicated, supported and distorted.

You will barely wait to capture your hair in these ways until they come autumn.
At Fendi last week, the hair stylist Sam McKnight has designed a beautiful curly job ended with a leather strip hair to show the kind of woman who can invest in a big coat, though not much appreciated when it comes to her hair.
On the same day at Max Mara, McKnight dreamed of something modern, wavy hair, dried himself that present a picture of Marilyn Monroe falls naturally creating a visual space between the cervical collars to palltove models and camel leather.
Hair Catching up and thus becomes the prolongation of the neck - appears to be in the mind of hair by designer Guido Palau also, which created a low Types refined elegant knot for a handful of girls in Bottega Veneta , then shifted gears so Dolce & Gabbana with a nice grab hair decorated with some luxury bijoux.
But perhaps his idea of ​​cool and deliberate, arrived in the form of hairstyles "Palau its tail" designed for Prada, writes, being caught in a very maiden by a floral ornament.

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