Monday, March 23, 2015

Worst food in the refrigerator, mayonnaise, sausages and margarine

Margarine, salad dressing, mayonnaise, milk products with a high percentage of fat, and various sausages is best to leave the refrigerator not to be "fat".

When choosing food at the restaurant are aware that fish is a better candidate than hamburger, but the preservation of food in our refrigerator often do not consider whether we are buying or eating healthy, Elain nutritionist says Magee. She has compiled a list of unhealthy foods to WebMD that it is best not to be found in the fridge that we are not tempted to eat.
If you eat often clear why the grease you deposited your blood vessels, while kilograms won so easily. The truth is that mayonnaise is not necessarily bad if its consumption limit in two small spoons, which contain about 60 calories and 6.7 grams of fat. If you are big fan of mayonnaise and during a meal eat up a quarter of a cup of this will consume 360 calories and 40 grams of fat.
Instead of majonezës choose less fatty sauces such as mustard or cream cheese, advises Magee .
Fruit drinks and sparkling
Ëmbëltuara drinks, ice tea and fizzy drinks, even those containing artificial sweetening are the biggest enemies of the thin line because appetizing, no nutritional value and are just "empty calories."
plain water is best good for moisturizing the whole body, while if you prefer flavored drink, then make your own green tea or black. In such drink honey and lemon and put in a glass bottle ruajani and earn healthy beverages and tasty packed with antioxidants.
Processed meat
Salamis, sausages and meat pashtetat usually made ​​from lower quality, and are filled with preservatives, additives and fat. Besides that contain large amounts of salt for which reason they also increase the risk of kidney damage and high blood pressure, while not recommended be eaten more often than once a week.
Many studies have shown that as many large consumption processed meat contributes to the occurrence of colon cancer, one of the most prevalent carcinomas.
Dairy products with a high percentage of fat
Foods like milk with a high percentage of fat, cream and butter have very good ingredients, such as protein, calcium, vitamins B and rifoflavine. The problem lies in that it also contains a lot of fat and if you consume every day there is a risk of increased level of cholesterol. For example, if you drink half a liter of milk with high fat each day, at the end of the week will consume more than 2,000 calories, 105 grams, fat and of these about 60 grams of saturated fat and 315 milligrams of cholesterol.
Therefore better is to solve dairy products with reduced fat, which contain healthy ingredients, but also less dangerous fat.
Salad dressing
Additional salad sauces are excellent, which transforms ordinary cake into the main meal, but a meal with sauce contains about 120 calories, 12 grams fat and 380 milligrams of salt. Recommended traditional spices such as sunflower oil or olive oil and wine vinegar and apple, or a little lemon juice for a healthy salad.
Margarine and its derivatives
Margarine contains large amounts of fatty acids, because the emulsion is created as vegetable oils and water and is proven that regular use and it increases the risk of heart disease and blood vessels. Margarine increases the level of total cholesterol and reduces the rate of that of contempt, but also has bad effect on immunity, transmits
It is claimed that margarine contains between 19 and 38 trans fatty acids, while in a spoon found about 100 calories and 11 grams of fat.
-Always choose butter better than margarine - advises Magee.
French Fries
This version potatoes, particularly dear to young people, and people often buy because they are ready prepared and cheaply. However, frozen potato is not good for health because it contains large amounts of salt and preservatives. Small portion of 85 grams of potato contains about 11 grams of fat, about 3 grams of saturated fatty acids, 390 to 540 milligrams of sodium and 190 calories. Recommended eating the boiled potatoes or baked, Nutritionists advise. 

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