Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Eight errors during preparation coffee

Despite the fact that coffee can be found in almost every corner, it is extremely difficult to do properly. Most often it happens that your favorite drink lacks sugar, be strong or very easy.

We present eight coffee preparation mistakes due to which your coffee is not as you wish:
1. Excessive boiling coffee
When the taste of coffee is bitter, it is a sign that you've boiled immensely.Sometimes the fault coffeepot in which you have prepared, so just replace.How should strive coffee, depending on its type.
The division is as follows:
espresso - two and a half minutes
Turkish Coffee - 45 seconds in boiling water
Roasted Coffee - six minutes
2. Water very hot
water use proper temperature is key to obtaining good taste of coffee, temperature 195-205 degrees is ideal because it won the best aroma and taste the best of this drink.
3. ignored ratio of coffee and water
for the best coffee will need to use two tablespoons of coffee and 180 milliliters of water. Of course, if you want stronger flavor, you can add even more coffee and vice versa. Just try to stay as close to the ideal.
4. You used ground coffee earlier
Although you fall heavily in the morning to take time to grind coffee is much better to do it before boiling of drinking.
5. Elected cheaper coffee
economic solution is a good decision, but it often happens that free coffee beans simultaneously be the weakest. Rather than pay the coffee according to the lowest price, save money in order to reduce drinking coffee in cafes and restaurants.
6. Do not store coffee properly
If you want to save the freshness of the coffee, keep it sealed hermetically sealed packaging, rather cold and dark, transmit Koha.net. Ceramic and glass containers are best for this.
7. Freezing coffee
Although you have probably thought that the freezing of coffee keep its taste, it actually loses it. If coffee is not stored in hermetically sealed containers, it takes odors from the refrigerator. If you must store in the refrigerator, then make sure the coffee pots are securely closed. Do not turn the refrigerator after you open coffee.
8. There were the old coffee
For the best taste of coffee use coffee beans fresh for them to lose their freshness time. Hearken to the expiration date and buy your coffee in small quantities.

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