Monday, April 27, 2015

Symptoms of low testosterone level

Testosterone is the hormone that the body produces, the men most of testosterone produced in the testicles, while testosterone is responsible for stimulating sperm production and libido, building muscle mass and bone. With the aging of men, reduced the production of testosterone.

Reduction of testosterone causes the appearance of many symptoms, while it may come to complications. Symptoms of low testosterone levels often misinterpreted as signs of the aging process.
What is the low level of testosterone? - Low levels of testosterone diagnosed when testosterone level is less than 300 nanogram in 1 deciliter.
Andro-pause, reduced testosterone production in some way can be compared to menopause in women. And while women feel the dramatic drop in estrogen level certain age, male testosterone levels decline gradually happening. If the decline in the level of testosterone occurs sooner than it should come to the emergence of a range of symptoms.
Decreased desire for sex. - Testosterone plays a key role in the male libido. Over the years many men felt reduce libido. Men with low testosterone levels, reduced libido occurs suddenly and most commonly observed. During sexual intercourse, a low level of testosterone may hinder the achievement of orgasm.
Difficulties in achieving erection. - Testosterone stimulates sexual desire and erection. Although testosterone is not only responsible for achieving erection, it stimulates the brain receptors to produce molecules that stimulate an erection. Low levels of testosterone can cause different conditions that hinder the achievement of erection, including thickening, diabetes and arteroskleroz├źn.
The low volume of semen . - Testosterone plays an important role in the production of semen, the fluid that helps sperm motility. It's very simple: the higher the degree of testosterone, sperm production is also higher.Men with low testosterone level mainly notice the reduction of the volume of semen during ejaculation.
Baldness. - Testosterone is responsible for a large number of bodily functions, including growth of hair fibers. Hair loss is a natural part of aging for many men. However, men with low testosterone levels may notice hair loss in the area of the face and body, and not just in the head.
Fatigue and lack of energy. - Men with low testosterone levels feel more tired and less energy. If most of the time you're tired, regardless of the amount of sleep, or you noticed that you've harder to move or be motivated to exercise, it is likely that it comes to the lower level of testosterone.
Loss of muscle mass. - Since testosterone plays an important role in building and strengthening muscles, the level of testosterone can cause loss of muscle mass and muscle weakness, particularly in the area of hands, legs and chest, reports Time. net. Men who want to turn their muscle mass will notice that this thing in this period is much harder than before and because of the low level of testosterone.
Increase the percentage of fat in the body. - If the reduction of muscle mass is not the problem should look to increase the percentage of fats in the body. Although scientists have yet to discover the exact reason, it is assumed that also talking about reducing the level of testosterone in the body. Thus, strong muscles burn fats and calories even in a state of relaxation. Therefore, if measures reduced muscle will reduce the burning of fats and calories, which causes the increase of the percentage of fat in the body.
Reduction of bone mass. - Osteoporosis is a condition for which it is deemed that appears only in women. However, men with low testosterone levels may also notice the weakening of bones. Testosterone is important to build and strengthen bone tissue. Men who for years have reduced testosterone levels have a greater risk of bone fractures, especially in the area of the waist, legs and ribs.
Changes in mood. - mainly women observe frequent mood changes during menopause, when their body's estrogen level drops. Men with low testosterone levels feel similar symptoms. Testosterone participates in various bodily functions and maintaining the health of different parts of the body including mental health. Scientists have found that men with low testosterone levels have a higher risk of creating depression and lack of concentration.

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