Monday, May 11, 2015

Eight tips to have a fresh breath

Your breath is not always fresh. It happens that the spirit with unpleasant aroma affect us in the most inconvenient moment, in an important dinner, job interview, etc. romantic rendezvous. This is a problem that requires its own importance when people do not prefer to stay close to someone who has such a problem.

Here's the advice that you can follow:
Oral Hygiene
Although it may seem a bit banal, this rule should be followed strictly.Washing the mouth after every meal is as important as to avoid unpleasant smell, but also to care for dental health. If 'smitten' surprise, try to use a sprayer refreshing with antibacterial effect.
Dry mouth
when the mouth is not hydrated enough, the spirit can become heavy and uncomfortable. Try to drink as much water during the day to avoid it.
Do not leave any meal
diets Although you may not seem related to the freshness of mouth, in fact if you leave a free meal consumed, the stomach begins to work being empty. This causes the release of gastric juices that can cause heavy smell of spirit.
If you suddenly find yourself in such a situation, try to chew some small leaf parsley. It will take you a few minutes.
If you want to contest the emergence of this flavor, prepare a mesteje tea , writes Annabel. It will help you keep a fresh breath all day.
Fruit cardamom
course can not keep brush with it during the day, but can keep fruits cardamom. Keep for 15 minutes in the mouth as if they were candy, for a fresh breath.
sage leaves can also be used for the same purpose.
Vitamin C
is the most important food. Try to consume foods rich in vitamin C to always have fresh breath and no bad smell.

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