Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tetris helps in the healing of the "lazy" eye

Canadian doctors have discovered innovative way of curing eye "lazy" (visually impaired or amblyopia), while it is the popular video game playing tetris.

The team of scientists from McGill University has discovered how this game helps to "train" the eyes to work together.
The survey conducted in 18 adults has revealed that as this method is more efficient than the usual link healthy eye to reinforce the use of the weak. Researchers now want to verify whether the approach will be equally successful on children.
It considered that at least one in 50 children are suffering from amblyopia. Confusion created when one eye does not develop in an orderly manner, while also often appear strabismus, respectively eyes begin to look in different directions.
Without proper treatment it can cause permanent loss of vision in the weaker eye and doctors try to intervene as soon as possible.
Robert Hess and his colleagues are trying to explore different approach and easier to cure. With the help of video special glasses they are trying to do both eyes work together. Nine volunteers with amblyopia glasses held by an hour a day, during the playing Tetris, two weeks.
Thanks glasses, each eye could see only the elements that fall, while the other followed how they match the bottom of the screen. A second group of volunteers has been subjected to the usual method of treatment. After two weeks, the first group showed significant improvements in relation to other visibility.
Scientists say that as this method can also be used other games, and not just Tetris. The important thing is that our eyes can work together.

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