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Is the mobile phone dangerous during pregnancy?

Today, it has become almost inevitable to live without phones, but pregnant women should not be forgotten that the radiation gives rise to various risks.

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Now when you are pregnant, are much more careful about what medicines you take, ask questions which foods are recommended and which should be avoided during pregnancy, a baby compromised if you continue to work etc. Sometimes pregnant women also make other questions to be secure that they will not harm the baby they have within themselves, for example, want to know whether it can color the hair during pregnancy. Can be washed in the pool, can you ride a bike, can skijojn√ę etc. However, a question which make pregnant women more often is that a compromised baby if she uses the mobile phone?
Pregnant women are usually very careful and do not use drugs, choose foods and beverages that are healthy, but forget that cell phones emit radiation.
Unfortunately we can not say with complete certainty that cell phones are safe to be used by a pregnant woman. In the mobiles are being used more these last 10-15 years and it is difficult to track the effects of mobile phone radiation that emits.
There is no denying that for most of us have mobile that is the center of the universe. Each of us uses not only as a phone, but sends SMS, video messages, check email, are about uninterrupted friends, explore the Internet and retrieve information once it occurs anywhere in the world, the use as a photo camera and take pictures of each pleasant moment with their loved ones, the use to listen to music, has GPS navigation, and much else.
Mobile phones emit non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. This type of radiation emitted by the devices that we use every day such as TV, computer or microwave.
Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation is much easier than ionizing radiation (X-ray radiation that is). Most experts believe that non-ionizing radiation is unlikely to harm the baby inside the womb.
Phones ranked depending on the degree of radiation that emit. Do you know how many phone emits radiation that you have on hand? This radiation is called SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). The SAR value indicates which is the maximum amount of radiation absorbed while you are using the handset.
All phones that are sold in Europe must have a SAR value of less than 2 watts / kg. The higher the SAR value of your phone so you absorb more radiation.
The SAR value is also dependent on signal strength. The stronger the signal is, the lower will be the SAR. So, it is best to use the handset only when strong signal in order to reduce the radiation to which exposed.
Whatever you say should also be proved and in this case is there evidence that mobile is harmful if used by pregnant? In fact it is difficult to monitor the impact of only one environmental factor (in this case the phone) in the development of the fruit, because pregnant women are exposed to many environmental factors and it is difficult to determine the effect it can have only one of these factors.
It made a study at Yale University, where Dr. Hugh Taylor and his colleagues tried to observe the impact that mobile in the development of the embryo. They took two groups of pregnant rat; Each group had 42 mice. The first group of mice exposed handset which was lit, but was in "silent mode" (ie, do not alarm) and the phone constantly received signal.The second group of rats exposed to a mobile phone which was stopped and can not receive the signal. All other environmental conditions, including food and accommodation were exactly the same for both groups of mice. Pregnant rats were exposed to the impact of mobile throughout pregnancy and after birth juvenile rats were followed until they reached adulthood. Compared with mice who were not exposed handset, mice who were exposed to the impact of reduced handset had Remembrance, were more hyperactive and according to the description of the doctor "did not head to the world around crying."
Dr. Taylor compared the behavior of mice who were exposed handset with signs that have children who have hyperactivity with decreasing concentration (Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder - ADHD or ADD).ADHD is diagnosed more frequently which was put children. Moreover, rats were exposed to the influence of another type handset electrical activity of the brain.
According nurologe pediatrician Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein about 11% of American children are diagnosed with ADHD. Also, it states that one in five children diagnosed with mental illness. Normally that parents ask "why?", "Why has my child this problem?". It is understood that these disorders are very complex and can not be linked to just one factor, but the scientific evidence increasingly linking exposure within the womb with these behavioral problems in children.
Another finding of this study was that short exposures are associated with changes not (that were similar as not to have any exposure) and that changes were becoming more pronounced the longer the duration of exposure was. Consequently, limiting the duration of exposure to pregnant handset protects child has within himself.
In conclusion we can say that more studies are still needed to document the impact of handset Pregnancy health of her baby. Apparently the exposure of the fruit is low, but still not known with certainty how it impacts on the development of the embryo.
Today, it has become almost inevitable to live without phones, but exposure to radiation can reduce if:
• Use the phone as little as possible
• If possible do not use mobile phones or send messages (and not call) or static phone use to communicate with someone.
• Conversations do much shorter
• Find a place where the signal is strong (for SAR will be lower)
• Do not leave the stomach phone and use earphones during the conversation in order to keep the phone as far away from yourself.

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