Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Secrets of age of 30 that no one will speak about

By the age of 30 years, you will feel good and bad at the same time.An age when you know what it is, but when the physical changes that begin to occur are as expected, as well as incredible

When 30 years old, everything is something fantastic. Finally, know who you are, starts making real strides in career and knows what she wants from himself and others in life. As much as it is a beautiful period, has an effect "side" as the discovery of self, which in some cases may be too shocking. Since the changes of the skin of hair and teeth, age 30 years will learn a lot about your body.

Prepare to learn what they meant when they said that over time, our body produces less collagen and consequently enter the scene wrinkles."People can begin to see wrinkles that had not when smiling," says Ami Uechsler, a dermatologist from New York City. When they smiled, the lines are still there and not disappear as before. The best thing you can do at this stage, is prevention. Protect yourself from the sun and not smoking to achieve good results.
In the 30s starts changing hair color. At this age, hormone levels fluctuate.This is a very early stage before menopause. Most changes are genetic, so your hair will not escape the "storm". The greater the level of stress, the sooner will the hair gray.
If once upon a time it had become easier to have full eyebrows, then the thirties might notice that things are not like before. Continued Care eyebrows will make them to come less and less and early forms will be replaced by thin eyebrows. It is not uncommon that the same thing happen with eyelashes. The less money and be, this means that you may have such as thyroid disease.
After a decade of meals not good for teeth, like red wine and coffee, your smile will not be as bright as it once. You know better than the white, teeth back in ... yellow. Dentists recommend occasional whitening teeth for a healthy smile.
Hands may appear larger in age than you and this is true for hands, if not caring for them will betray you showing your true age. Fortunately, during the third decade of life with hand problems are not large, but prevention is the key element. Hand cream constantly pick.
Veins become visible
Once cross-twenties, standing will begin to appear veins 'spider' which will not understand the origin. Do not worry, such visible veins happen to everyone at some stage of life. Their cause may be natural, pregnancy or taking contraceptives. If you see as unpleasant, use a cream paint treatment to minimize their appearance. Another treatment is intravenous injection of molecules that damage, but it is painful.
Hair loss
Over time, begin to thinner hair, but this is not a sign of stress. All lose hair every day and the amount depends largely by genes. Some people can lose about 40 strand, while others double that. Age 30-year-old is a 'judgment day' for malnutrition or lack of protein and iron.
Teeth messy
Your teeth can begin to ciflosen due to stress. The charge to be mentally, the abnormal will be your teeth. Tightening the jaw and teeth during the night unconscious, may be the main cause of cavities in the age of 30. Use protective teeth at night or make sure to be freed from excessive stress.
Acne continue to emerge
Women age 30 years may think they have an end once and acne, but this is not true. To 54 percent of those who are 35 years of age begin to appear acne that are worse than in adolescence. "If acne on the chin, jaw or neck, then it is something hormonal" - explains dermatologist. External treatments do not work in this case, contraceptives by mouth are the best option.
Small red dots that start to appear in the body will be a game "entertainment" of their relationship to create imaginary figure, the paper-slip. It is caused by capillaries, are in most cases harmless and increased with age, but women appear more in the 30s and during pregnancy.

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