Wednesday, March 11, 2015

That is why these bad habits are good

Already as children we learn that some wont be deterred. But the biting of nails, crackling fingers have the good sides.

Biting nails - Although this bad habit terrifies many people, and experts can read a lot about the characteristics of those who bite nails, it seems that is not so bad habit. Thus, while the bite nails, some bacteria enter the body and thus strengthen immunity.
"Our immune system has memory and remember how and where bacteria entered the body has to fight" the doctor says Hillary Longhurst, immune, broadcasts. So when you bite nails, the body consume a small amount of bacteria that strengthen immunity and learn how to behave with bacteria which are surrounded every day.
Issuance of gases - the company is also releasing gases unacceptable. "But this is the reason," the doctor says Read. Most air in the intestine is created by fermentation of protein and carbohydrates, which make intestinal bacteria. If you do not remove the air, you will feel the pain in the gut but also in the abdomen.
Issuance of gas will ease the pain, while braking causes pain. Physician colleagues Read this pain even consider Metropolitan Railway Syndrome, precisely because of what people are ashamed to emit gases in public, especially in public transport.
Crackling of joints of the fingers - Although crackling fingers sound is unpleasant for many people, there is no negative effect on health. Thus a large study that followed a group of people five years compared nodes snap those fingers and those who have not snap. Nodes of the two groups were sound. But the doctor Chris Edwards, Rheumatologist at Southampton General Hospital says that as the crackling of the fingers provides a sense of greater fleksibitetit joints. "Nodes are more relaxed and better level movement due to prolonged", says doctor Edwards.
Eating in bed - Although there are times that we have adopted rules of conduct and avoid eating in bed, it seems that it is not so bad habit. So if we eat with stress and faster, easier hindered digestion, but if you eat in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy food digestion works best, transmit If you want to eat in bed, beware attitude, properly rely on pillows to not eat leaning position because this will make the stomach pressure and will slow down the digestion.
Saliva - Saliva is really bad habit and does not seem nice. But if you practice, spitting can help you breathe better. So while we exercise, the mouth and the throat created excess saliva, says physician John Dickinson, a lecturer at the University of Kent. "In normal situations breathe through the nose, the air heats up and becomes wet and thereby allows the body to absorb oxygen more easily. When we exercise, breathe deeply and mouth to breathe much more air. But it does not heat the air and that we get through the nose. The air is cold and dry throat touches which to protect against inflammation produces more saliva, "says Dickinson. This saliva will run until prevent or deal with any other sport and thus spitting will breathe easier.

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