Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Мedical examination should do every 20-year-old girl

Early diagnosis can save your life, money and time.

Health care, such as medical visits, eating healthy foods, making physical activity etc. It is something that almost always promise ourselves but it does not always apply and this applies more to those who are young."Yyyy time," think young and 30s face as many problems as it does not know where to begin. But there are some things that should not ever overlook.

Examinations for sexually transmitted diseases (genital and extra-genital)
While STD genital examinations are a must, a Johns Hopkins University study found that doctors were saving numerous cases of gonorrhea and chlamydia in areas such as throat. This requires extra-genital examinations for these diseases have certain signs and over time can cause serious health problems.
Analysis for measuring cholesterol levels
heart ailments are among the biggest causes of death in the world and high cholesterol level is a risk factor that you can control. In cases of increased risk (such as family history of the disease) start to make adequate controls at the age of 20 years. Reduce the possibility to be affected by such diseases by eating healthy foods, avoiding smoking and doing regular physical activity.
We know you are tired of this and of ngulurit eyes in posters that show how to do self-control. But caught in time suspicious glands in the chest and examining them dramatically increases the chances of a successful treatment. Various studies have shown that breast cancer is more aggressive in women under age 50 years and frequent mammography have been very effective in reducing the number of deaths from this disease.
Pap test
Yes, it is like going to eat ice cream but making a Pap test is * not * dire kaaaq do. While widely known that this test should be done when you start physical activity, studies have shown that the Pap test should be done every 3-5 years, since the age of 21 years. Just relax, breathe and focus on something in the ceiling. It will end sooner than you realize.
Leather examination
Skin cancer is a disease that has begun to spread rapidly thanks to addiction that people have started to create to tan, writes Annabel.Knowing your skin and follow MARK and other aberrations, will help you identify serious problems in time. 

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