Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stop the spread of feet stink

Summer time brings with shoes and clothing similar open. Fingers, nails and heels have to be exposed to foreign eyes, so Body is essential if you want to look good while hygiene is mandatory!

If you smell bothers legs bring you some tips that can help you, whether you wear light sneakers or sandals open.
Needle What to wear?
Did you know that each foot contains more than 250,000 sweat glands?Sweat itself has no flavor, but creates fertile ground for bacteria that spread easily and create odors. Certain materials may contribute sweating fetched, because impossible "airing" of the heels regularly, so doctors advise of cotton socks and avoid those artificial materials, such as polyester or nylon.
What shoe running as quickly?
Although bare feet also means less sweating due to stocking, on the other, can mean more sweating because of the material from which they are made ​​shoes. Shoes from antilopi or plastic materials containing more moisture, which means that the bacteria spread more easily and cause sweating and foot odor.
If you decide to sandals or closed footwear shoe without socks, then inside antiperspirant or powder sprinkle with children first footwear.
Change shoes
Regardless of the type of shoes you wear, try not to use the same every day. This has nothing to do with fashion, but is hygienic care. If the evening should go, also wear a pair of shoes other than those who have put on in the morning or day.
Good air your shoes before you leave in the closet - do not enter while they are wet from sweat.
Keep feet clean and dry
the best measure to prevent bad odor is good hygiene. Use antibacterial soap to clean the details feet - and every day!
After the good shower towel dry feet and pay great attention to the spaces between the fingers. Your feet should be dry, because in this way prevent the chances of fungus, which mostly have success in humid environment.
Make the heels regularly peeling to remove dead skin cells or to solve the problem of skin thickening, transmits Koha.net. After smoothing heels, use moisturizing lotion.
and layers of activated carbon bikarboni soda can provide great assistance if you want to leave bad smell and to keep feet dry.
The natural way
If you want to remove bad smell in water and vinegar bucket dismiss it in proportion 2: 1 and a few minutes immerse the feet to neutralize the smell.Equally so every day you can enjoy the shower for the feet, which consists of black tea too strong. Leave to cool and immerse the feet half an hour - Tannins from tea eliminates bacteria and closes the pores in the feet.

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