Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Juniper - the best natural diuretic

Juniper is very healing plant which grows in rocky and karst areas, from coastal areas to mountain areas. We unfold their healing features of this wonderful plant.

This plant is healing from the root to the fruit, but, however, the most used fruit, which is collected in the second half of the summer until late autumn, depending on the area. Fruits can also be dried, and so can be used throughout the year.
Juniper and its healing features
juniper healing features known since antiquity, and certainly there are of you that sometimes you have encountered to have experienced that someone has offered brandy juniper on the grounds that it "medicine for the soul", and not It has been far from the truth.
Its fruits are used mostly to problems with the stomach and urinary tract problems and is regarded as one of the best natural diuretics, broadcasts. Can be used as a disinfectant for wounds tool, while helping the cough, for which most of the etheric oils help of juniper berries, which can also be used for massage to rheumatic pains.
For stomach cramps dismiss it equal parts of juniper, wormwood, chamomile and barpezmi and two to three tablespoons of this mixture add 2-3 cups of boiling water, let stand 10 minutes, Drain and drink without sugar.
For headache, juniper fruits do pureje form and put in as a compress in place that hurts.
Problems with liver or stomach in the morning on an empty stomach get from 3-5 juniper fruit and chew well.
To improve the appetite boil the juniper fruit compote, add sugar and consume as needed.
Next time someone offers you Juniper Never refuse.

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